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BioCentric is changing the way providers view healthcare one game at a time. Serious gaming is a methodology that can be used to educate and train while entertaining users. This type of training can be very useful for healthcare professionals (HCPs) by improving learning outcomes, creating a learner-oriented approach, and teaching in stealth mode.

Datagame ( is an innovative, proprietary platform that provides lightweight, bite-sized, game-like activities that strategically direct educational experiences based on feedback, propelling pertinent content through behavioral tendencies using proven gamification methodologies.

Game-based engagement can:
  • Provide deeper insights into data, messages, and clinical trial design
  • Illuminate issues that drive behaviors
  • Help identify educational opportunities
  • Reinforce key messaging for HCPs, patients, and caregivers
  • Complement live engagements
  • Foster relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and advocates

Datagame makes online research and content more engaging by replacing burdensome surveys and quizzes with fast, easy games. Datagame can help you achieve your learning, research, and behavioral model goals using branching narratives, profiling segments, ideation, choice modeling, preference ranking, and testing and validation.


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