As a digital-first medical and scientific healthcare communications and learning solutions company, we focus on innovative opportunities to advance personalized customer engagement.

Our expertise is helping you achieve your objectives and meet the needs of your external or internal stakeholders through

Value-based, customer-centric interactions

Enjoyable dynamic digital experiences

that build and strengthen relationships

Bite-sized virtual interactions

for time-pressed modern learners

Award-winning video

that tells a compelling story

Serious gaming and gamification

that fosters collaboration, enables remote patient support, integrates with wearable technologies, and collects data

Capturing deep, meaningful insights

to understand customer needs and help define ongoing effort


Centered on Your Science

Learning Solutions

Centered on Instructional Design and Modern Learning


Centered on Your Brand

Game-Based Engagement

Centered on Serious Games and Gamification

About Us

At BioCentric, we’re driven by the knowledge that a patient is at the end of everything we do.

Our passion, our niche, and our core values are exemplified by our proven track record of bringing value – we’re invested in your success, and that makes us the kind of partner you need to get the job done and get it done well (and have some fun doing it!).

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned medical communications experts is committed to providing high-quality, innovative materials and services to support you in your unrelenting efforts toward bettering the lives of patients around the world.

We are able to deliver on this promise by offering our Medical Directors, Medical Writers, Client Service Leads, Gaming Designers, Creative Designers, Instructional Designers and Technologists, Insights Managers, Software Engineers, QA Professionals, and Project Managers a truly cross-functional, collaborative environment that is conducive to creative, science-based medical communications and learning solutions.

With offices in the United States and Europe, someone is always available to pick up the phone and assist you.

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