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Game-Changing Innovation

What we do:

Quality Over Quantity

As a digital-first medical and scientific healthcare communications and learning solutions company, we focus on innovative opportunities to advance personalized customer engagement.


Value-based, customer-centric interactions


Enjoyable dynamic digital experiences that build and strengthen relationships

Modern Learners

Bite-sized virtual interactions for time-pressed modern learners


Award-winning video that tells a compelling story


Serious gaming and gamification that fosters collaboration, enables remote patient support, integrates with wearable technologies, and collects data


Capturing deep, meaningful insights to understand customer needs and help define ongoing efforts

Centered on Your Science

BioCentric medical affairs services are grounded in evidence-based science and medicine. Our strategically aligned programs effectively communicate your scientific concepts and data to healthcare professionals, investigators, patients, consumers, and payers, and include:

  • Strategic platform development
    • Scientific concepts
    • Communication strategy
    • Lexicon
    • Imagery
  • Insights via Datagame (, our gamified insights platform
  • Advisory board meetings (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Slide decks
  • Video production
  • Animations (mechanism of disease and mechanism of action)
  • Congress support
  • Clinical trial support
  • Franchise logos and branding campaigns
  • KOLtivateSM – our key opinion leader identification and validation system
  • Publication planning
    • Visit, a resource center developed and managed by BioCentric and dedicated to excellence and ethics in medical writing and publication planning

Centered on Instructional Design and Modern Learning

BioCentric Learning Solutions services specialize in designing and developing customized learning experiences for today’s modern learners. Our focus on the learning journey features targeted, blended learning experiences (eg, face-to-face, virtual, digital) spaced out over time, ensuring not just knowledge retention but behavioral change and performance improvement as well.

We have a proven track record of working in an agile way, quickly adapting to changing dynamics while ensuring business needs are met.

Our expertise is based on our broad therapeutic and disease state experience combined with commercial savvy and business acumen to provide cross-functional franchise support for new hire/onboarding curricula, pre-/peri-/post-launch excellence, and comprehensive train-the-trainer efforts.

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We have extensive experience creating impactful learning solutions for diverse audiences, including:

  • Sales and medical field teams
  • Managers and leadership
  • Learning and Development teams
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • General X Practices, Research and Development, Clinical Operations, and Compliance
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patients
BioCentric areas of expertise are:
  • Strategy consultancy
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum development
  • Blended learning: face-to-face, virtual instructor-led training, skills training
  • Performance support
We offer full-service learning experience design and development:
Consult  /  Assess  /  Design  /  Develop  /  Measure


Custom Offerings include:
  • Coaching guides
  • eLearning
  • Gamification
  • Infographics
  • Instructor-led workshops
  • Job aids
  • Knowledge checks
  • Learning games
  • Micromodules
  • Mobile apps
  • Participant guides
  • Podcasts
  • Role-aligned activities
  • Social learning
  • Train-the-trainer sessions
  • Video
  • Virtual workshops
  • Workmats

Centered on Your Brand

BioCentric marketing services support brand development across the lifecycle from early stage commercialization to launch and postlaunch. Grounded in science and quality content, our unique approach will communicate your marketing messages and differentiate your brand.

Our services include:
  • Campaign messaging
  • Insights via Datagame (, our gamified insights platform
  • Advisory board meetings (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Slide decks
  • Speaker events
  • Speaker training
  • Congress support
  • Infographics
  • Animations (mechanism of disease and mechanism of action)
  • Video production
  • Digital/mobile solutions
  • KOLtivateSM – our key opinion leader identification and validation system

Centered on Serious Games and Gamification

BioCentric is changing the way providers view healthcare one game at a time. Serious gaming is a methodology that can be used to educate and train while entertaining users. This type of training can be very useful for healthcare professionals (HCPs) by improving learning outcomes, creating a learner-oriented approach, and teaching in stealth mode.

Datagame ( is an innovative, proprietary platform that provides lightweight, bite-sized, game-like activities that strategically direct educational experiences based on feedback, propelling pertinent content through behavioral tendencies using proven gamification methodologies.

Game-based engagement can:
  • Provide deeper insights into data, messages, and clinical trial design
  • Illuminate issues that drive behaviors
  • Help identify educational opportunities
  • Reinforce key messaging for HCPs, patients, and caregivers
  • Complement live engagements
  • Foster relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and advocates

Datagame makes online research and content more engaging by replacing burdensome surveys and quizzes with fast, easy games. Datagame can help you achieve your learning, research, and behavioral model goals using branching narratives, profiling segments, ideation, choice modeling, preference ranking, and testing and validation.

Datagame can support a variety of activities, including stakeholder feedback programs, clinical studies, congress activities, publication planning, self-directed content, and serious gaming. In turn, these activities generate a wealth of data across regions, audiences, channels, and tactics. Our omni-channel approach will increase engagement and ensure that further analyses will be based on more relevant datasets that will lead to faster and more informed business decisions.

Stakeholders include:
  • KOLs
  • HCPs
  • Patients
  • Caregivers
  • Advocacy groups
  • Payers
  • Internal teams

About Us

At BioCentric, we’re driven by the knowledge that a patient is at the end of everything we do.

Our passion, our niche, and our core values are exemplified by our proven track record of bringing value – we’re invested in your success, and that makes us the kind of partner you need to get the job done and get it done well (and have some fun doing it!).

BioCentric Team

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned medical communications experts is committed to providing high-quality, innovative materials and services to support you in your unrelenting efforts toward bettering the lives of patients around the world.

We are able to deliver on this promise by offering our Medical Directors, Medical Writers, Client Service Leads, Gaming Designers, Creative Designers, Instructional Designers and Technologists, Insights Managers, Software Engineers, QA Professionals, and Project Managers a truly cross-functional, collaborative environment that is conducive to creative, science-based medical communications and learning solutions.

With offices in the United States and Europe, someone is always available to pick up the phone and assist you.


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