Centered on Instructional Design

We develop training programs for healthcare professionals, sales and medical teams, internal training staff, patients, and consumers. The innovative BioCentric training methodology integrates multiple components essential to program success, including:

  • Instructional design
  • Principles of adult learning
  • Scientifically accurate and clinically relevant and engaging content
  • Communication channels and formats that maximize user experience
  • Effective mechanisms for user assessment and feedback
  • A structured process for continuous improvement

Training solutions are delivered in a variety of formats and platforms:
  • Curriculum Development
    • Launch
    • New Hire/Incumbent
  • Training Strategy and Staff Development
  • Skills Training
  • Blended Learning Design and Development
  • eLearning/mLearning
    • Annotated Electronic Documents
    • Poster/Clinical Studies “Walk”
    • Workmats
    • Virtual Preceptorships
  • Games and “Gamification”
  • Animations/Videos
  • Case Studies, Scenarios, and Role-play
  • Support Tools and Resources
    • eWorkbooks, Printables
    • Performance Support and Job Aids
    • Manager Tools/Coaching Guides
  • Assessments, Evaluations, and Surveys

Live Face-to-Face Training:
  • Large Multiday Meetings
  • Workshops/Presentations/Roundtables
  • Materials Design and Development
  • Facilitation/Delivery
  • Logistics and Strategy

Live Virtual Training:
  • Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • Virtual Live Presentations/Roundtables
  • Slide Deck for Virtual Live Presentations and Workshops
  • Games (Reinforcement and Entertainment)
  • Large Multiday Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Learning Environments
    • Events
    • Ongoing Learning Platforms
    • Setup and Maintenance